STEAKS      &      RIBS

The best Ribs in the Valley
Our Baby Backs are the meatiest, most tender ribs you will find anywhere. Served in 8 ounce quarters and smothered with Sweet Baby Rays Sauce.
At ST. Mary's Supper Club our goal is to offer Quality Food and Service in a Casual Setting  with a menu that includes superb Steaks, Ribs, Fish and Seafood, German Entrees, Spaghetti and Veal as well as assorted sandwiches, home made appetizers and deserts.


Our steaks are handcut to order and superbly trimmed from only Choice Angus Beef. Choose a char-grilled Filet, Strip or Rib-eye steak and be prepared to enjoy. You can pay more for a steak in this town, but you won't get one any better.
Although it's just a taste, our menu features some of the most popular entrees served in a traditional German Ghasthaus. I learned how to prepare these dishes in one of those Ghasthauses, so whether its Brats, a traditional Schnitzel or Wienerschnitzel, they are as authentic as we can make them. Bon Apetit!


Prime Rib Served Every Night!
If Prime Rib-eye is your thing, then we have a generous 12 ounce cut that satisfies the biggest Prime Rib fanatics.
3700 N. Arms PL
West Terre Haute Indiana  47885

(812) 535-4277

 Fri & Sat
Open 5:00 pm
Kitchen Closes
 8:00 pm
Restaurant Closes when last customer is finished or 9pm


Buffalo Chicken Tenders
For those who love Chicken, we have 6 ounce Breast filet that can be Char-grilled, blackened or Bourbon sauce glazed or Breaded chicken tenderloins, regular or buffalo style.



Well, I'm pretty sure you can't have an independent restaurant in this area and not have Spaghetti, but don't fool yourself, our spaghetti and sauce is not just a check the block entree. Bernie's hearty robust sauce is his own recipe, as good as it gets, and a favorite of many. Get it with Meatballs, grilled Italian Sausage, or Veal. Mangia!
We offer a choice of fried and grilled fish and seafood, from Fried Catfish or Cod to Grilled Tilapia or Salmon. Then there is the  Big Froglegs. 3 pair is a pound of legs. You can get them Fried, sauteed or grilled. Be sure to get the home made hush puppies or Bourbon Sauce.
Sometimes you just want a sandwich, or maybe a soup or salad. We have Steak burgers, Tenderloins, Chicken and Fish sandwiches. Steak burgers are ground from the same meat as our steaks, tenderloins are made in house and....well you get the idea. No shortcuts here.